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Post created by 26 Apr 2017 02:22 Paula Akers in the discussion group Follow Up Care physician in ED PCM – Physician Care Manager

Follow Up Care physician in ED
We are switching from ScriptRx to Meditech EDM for our discharge instructions, eRx and referrals. We are looking for information on Meditech referral system. Is there a way to fax or print referrals? ...

Post created by 17 Apr 2017 05:15 Paula Akers in the discussion group Orderset Insulin Pump Clinical

Orderset Insulin Pump
Does anyone have an insulin pump orderset built? Would you be willing to share your build? Our hospitalist is requesting an orderset for insulin pump that would include basic metabolic rate, correction settings, carbohydrates Verification of pump settings, site check, and 24 hour dose validation Any help will be appreciated. Yours sincerely, Paula June Akers RN IS Nurse analyst Morrow Count ...

Post created by 13 Apr 2017 01:22 Cindy Rizzotti in the discussion group RE: OE Rule help OE – Order Entry (CS)

RE: OE Rule help
By the way, we did have it changed to 1600, but were testing and had it set at 1415 :) ...

Post created by 13 Apr 2017 01:01 Cindy Rizzotti in the discussion group OE Rule help OE – Order Entry (CS)

OE Rule help
Hi, We are trying to create a rule where there are 4 sites that we want to print to the destination set from 0700-1600. Anytime outside of this, so before 0700 and after 1600 we want the procedure to print to a different printer, as well as all day saturday and sunday. This is what we built.. [f ord ent site]="CBN"^A, [f ord ent site]="CBR"^B, [f ord ent site]="CBG"^C, ...

Post created by 28 Mar 2017 12:58 Amanda Layne in the discussion group RE: ED Orders - Ancillary Departments Work Flow/Communication Clinical

RE: ED Orders - Ancillary Departments Work Flow/Communication
We are 5.67 pp19, we have been using the status events and a tracker for radiology. The nurses change the status event to XRAY RDY, MRI RDY, etc when they are ready for the tech to come get the patient for the RAD procedure. Radiology changes the status event to IN XRAY, IN MRI, etc when they get the patient. When the test is conclude and the patient is returned to the room the RAD tech updates th ...

Post created by 27 Mar 2017 10:52 Cheryl Dykstra, RN in the discussion group RE: Nursing Scope Orders Clinical

RE: Nursing Scope Orders
Have you considered an order set containing only those orders? I don't recall if you can not allow the Med button though... ...

Post created by 23 Mar 2017 06:49 Jill Hewett in the discussion group Nursing Scope Orders Clinical

Nursing Scope Orders
We are trying to allow the ED nurses to order a certain list of medications via scope orders. Example Tylenol for fever, Ibuprofen etc. but limit their access to only that. does anyone currently have their nurses order meds via scope orders, and/or have you built any rules which allow the nurses to be able to order without opening up ALL the meds for them to be able to order. We really only wan ...

Post created by 22 Mar 2017 09:07 Cheryl Dykstra, RN in the discussion group RE: MU Stage 3 - API Meaningful Use

RE: MU Stage 3 - API
I am a little confused as well regarding the extent that it needs to be utilized or tested. CMS included the use of an API in 2 of the stage 3 measures-Patient electronic access and Coordination of care. Both refer to the patient accessing their data via the use of an API. This assumes the patient is using another application and wants to get the data from the Meditech portal. Meditech has i ...

Post created by 15 Mar 2017 03:44 Scott Myers in the discussion group MU Stage 3 - API Meaningful Use

MU Stage 3 - API
With having to attest to Stage 3 MU starting Jan. 1, 2018, I am very concerned on the View, Download, Transmit measure and the use of an API. My understanding is that Meditech will supply the data but the API piece is up to us. I've seen discussion regarding FHIR and will this be used. We are in the budget season and I don't know if I need to budget for anything. Any help or what your plans ar ...

Post created by 14 Mar 2017 07:43 John Geistlinger in the discussion group CPOE downtime solution off of Meditech DR DR – Data Repository

CPOE downtime solution off of Meditech DR
Hi, We are currently running Meditech 6.15 and are leveraging a Meditech DR. We have a solution in place that provides our CPOE/Clin Doc sites with downtime information including MARs and some documentation in the event of an HCIS downtime, but the solution is not scalable. We are seeking a solution that leverages the Meditech Data Repository to make data from the Meditech DR available to staff ...