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Post created by 23 Oct 2017 01:44 Sandra DePlonty in the discussion group Network Performance Monitoring General

Network Performance Monitoring
Hi all, We are moving to 6.15 as a hosted solution. In the past, with our Magic system we were hosted on site. I have a question from our Network and Technology Director. If any of you have any advice for him, we would appreciate anything you can share with us. Thank you, Sandy Can anyone give me a recommendation on what or who people are using to monitor their network for performance ...

Post created by 19 Oct 2017 06:08 Jenna Serafini in the discussion group End-User Training: What are others doing? Clinical

End-User Training: What are others doing?
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for information from other sites on how you are currently managing the patient set-up component of end-user training. What environment do you currently train in (i.e. SANDBOX, TEST)? Also do you have external solutions which auto-refresh the environment each morning so that there is no manual set-up of patient information required? Thanks in advance for your help. ...

Post created by 11 Oct 2017 03:29 Jack Dame in the discussion group Broadcast Messages to Patient Portal - Graylisted? Patient Portal

Broadcast Messages to Patient Portal - Graylisted?
We sent out messages to our patients to alert them of upcoming flu clinic information and found that we had many not go through due to bulk emailing and some more widely used IP's seeing the messages as spam (gmail, AOL, etc. accounts). I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this and found a solution. ...

Post created by 09 Oct 2017 04:45 Rick Sera in the discussion group Imaging Patient Transport orders General

Imaging Patient Transport orders
We are looking for a method to have an Order to Transport the patient, created at the time the Order for the Exam is placed. We are on version 5.6, and use ITS for Imaging. Using CPOE the physician is ordering the Exam, but we want to have the same ability to Collect and Report the DATA from the movement of the patient to the department and back to their room, as we do surrounding their Examin ...

Post created by 02 Oct 2017 07:11 Judy Schmieder in the discussion group Super User Compensation General

Super User Compensation
We are currently compensating our super users at a level 1 and level 2 scale based on their job duties for assigned modules/departments, etc. However, I've been tasked with finding out what others are doing. So, are you currently compensating your department/clinic specific super users? If so, how are they compensated? $/hr or some other compensation for all hours worked or just hours doing ...

Post created by 25 Sep 2017 06:53 Christi Rousseau, RN in the discussion group Interdepartmental Clinical IT Performance Reporting General

Interdepartmental Clinical IT Performance Reporting
What sort of quality metrics is your clinical IT department measuring on a weekly/monthly basis? As an IT department, we measure things like HelpDesk tickets and System uptime and downtime. I am looking for "Clinical" IT measures to track. We currently measure physician CPOE utilization, eRx rejections, MU status, and order set utilization, but I am looking for advice on measuring the quality a ...

Post created by 08 Sep 2017 10:10 Thomas Schuyler in the discussion group Privacy Screens General

Privacy Screens
Good afternoon: We are working to replenish our workstations on wheels (WOW's) and wall mounted bedside computers. Currently we do not utilize privacy screens but it has been brought up within the project team as a security concern. Does anyone use privacy screens on WOW's or bed side computers. If you have would you mind sharing some of the decisions, challenges, and or benefits you have seen. ...

Post created by 05 Sep 2017 07:06 Sandra DePlonty in the discussion group Physician Training for 6.15 Clinical

Physician Training for 6.15
Hi all, Just wondering what tactics and material you used to train your physicians and advanced practitioners when you implemented MEDITECH 6.15. We have purchased the Meditrain product and do plan on using that for refreshers and possibly new docs, but what did you do for your big PRE LIVE training? Would you be willing to share tactics and/or materials that you utilized. Thank you, Sa ...

Post created by 29 Aug 2017 07:02 Emily Roy-Thomson in the discussion group Admit Order via Transfer Process CPOE/POM – Provider Order Management

Admit Order via Transfer Process
Hello We have our provides using the transfer process for all admissions from the ED. This has been working well as it allows for ED orders to be stopped/continued, and then the new orders don't start until the nurse on the floor processes the transfer. The problem we are having is that providers have to order the admit order under current orders and the rest of the orders under transfer. I kno ...

Post created by 28 Aug 2017 05:11 Jack Dame in the discussion group AMB Inbound Direct Messaging - Referrals Clinical

AMB Inbound Direct Messaging - Referrals
We are creating our direct messaging setup for providers and ambulatory offices as we are new to MT - and on 6.1 PP32. I'm wondering how others set their offices up... do you assign each provider with their own direct address for outgoing referrals, but set up the office with a unique direct address for incoming referrals, so office staff can manage the Process Direct Messages inbox? Or, do you ...