Optimize Your Outpatient Workflows, Protect Your Revenue

When:  Dec 2, 2021 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Outpatient Services currently represent an average of 54% of a hospital’s total revenue, and that percentage continues to grow each year! But there is a real threat to attaining or maintaining this growth—the risk that without process advancement, and without knowledge of and compliance with new rules, patient leakage and subsequent revenue leakage shrink your outpatient revenue. The strength and scope of your Outpatient intake, scheduling and registration process, (often called Patient Engagement Strategy) is the determinant of whether you will have revenue leakage or revenue growth.

This webinar will demonstrate historically what has changed (or hasn’t changed) in outpatient services process and workflows, and how this impacts you today. You will gain insights into what hospitals can expect with new rules, and action items you can implement in your hospital to protect your outpatient revenue.

Key Takeaways:
  • Why an optimized end-to-end outpatient workflow is critical to your hospital — from Order, to Scheduling, to Registration, to patient discharge
  • How the ‘Consumerization of Healthcare’ should impact our mindset, our processes, and our technology
  • What to do when multiple priorities and limited resources are your norm— helpful steps you can implement today and tomorrow

Kay Jackson, Director, Product Management, PatientPath