Inspired Innovation – MEDITECH’s Keynote Session

When:  Oct 29, 2020 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  2020 MUSE Keynote Day

Join us to see MEDITECH's current and future solutions that will make healthcare’s digital transformation smoother for your clinicians and your community.

MEDITECH Presenters:
Michelle O’Connor, President and COO
Hoda Sayed-Friel, Executive Vice President
Helen Waters, Executive Vice President

Meditech_logo.jpg2020 has been a tumultuous year, but healthcare clinicians have remained focused on the most important part of their jobs: treating and caring for people. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a catalyst for change. Now more than ever we depend on technology to give us data that we can count on, quickly and conveniently. MEDITECH builds their solutions to break down barriers between those who need care and those who provide it. Join us to see MEDITECH's current and future solutions that will make healthcare’s digital transformation smoother for your clinicians and your community.


Michelle O’Connor
President & COO, MEDITECH

Michelle OConnorAs President and COO of MEDITECH, Michelle O’Connor ensures our Electronic Health Record meets today’s evolving industry and regulatory standards, while providing the optimal user experience for our customers. This includes her integral role in developing MEDITECH’s intuitive Expanse user interface and web-based future.

Ms. O’Connor takes pride in maintaining a strong balance between the needs of the business and the needs of her staff, which she sees as closely aligned. She views a passionate and talented workforce as integral to the company’s innovation and personalized customer support. She has been at the forefront of rejuvenating our approach to staff retention through volunteerism opportunities, professional growth, and increased executive interaction with staff, all while maintaining the company’s unique family-oriented culture. 

Ms. O’Connor first joined MEDITECH as an implementation programmer in 1988, and soon after pursued a management path overseeing process changes and shaping technical support procedures. As vice president of product development, she was known for her positive approach to problem-solving. In this role, Ms. O’Connor was instrumental in modernizing the look and feel of our legacy applications, overseeing our physician product development, and working towards an agile development platform. Her development experience has driven her passion for understanding user stories and identifying the root cause of any issue, whether it’s a customer requesting a software change or an employee struggling with a process.

Ms. O’Connor is a graduate of Bridgewater State College, with a dual degree in math and computer science.

Helen Waters
Executive Vice President, MEDITECH

Helen WatersHelen Waters is focused on listening to, acting on, and delivering for the healthcare organizations she serves. As executive vice president, with extensive field sales and operations experience, she leverages her deep understanding of the industry, customers’ needs and concerns to deploy a cohesive approach to communicating who MEDITECH is as a company – throughout the marketplace and around the world.

Previously in her role as vice president of the 5x division, Ms. Waters was responsible for the development, implementation, and service of our MAGIC and Client/Server customers as well as our Home Care division in Atlanta. Ms. Waters also served previously as a regional sales director, helping to solidify MEDITECH’s presence in the Midwest sales region. In addition, she was the lead sales contact for one of MEDITECH’s largest customers, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).

Throughout her career, Ms. Waters’ strong bonds with customers and dedication to exceptional customer service have made her stand out from the pack. Ms. Waters is always thinking of new ways to increase customer engagement, and to help MEDITECH facilities make the most of their EHR solutions. Reporting directly to the CEO, Helen continuously assesses the healthcare industry, and helps make strategic decisions that impact our future, leveraging her experience and insights into both MEDITECH and the industry.

Hoda Sayed-Friel
Executive Vice President, MEDITECH

Hoda Sayed-FrielHoda Sayed-Friel charts MEDITECH’s strategic direction – including overseeing the evolution of MEDITECH’s Electronic Health Record – and aligns it with Client Services to optimize the customer experience. Ms. Sayed-Friel was promoted to executive vice president in recognition of her proven ability to create, coordinate, and communicate matters of strategy.

Ms. Sayed-Friel is also responsible for our implementation and customer service teams, as well as our business development – building strategic partnerships that provide value to the MEDITECH system. She leverages the collective expertise of the MEDITECH community to address the complex challenges facing healthcare organizations. 

With her clinical degree and experience, Ms. Sayed-Friel recognizes the importance of including the healthcare provider’s perspective in systems design, and she has influenced the development and adoption of Advanced Clinical Systems. She has been actively involved in discussions with healthcare providers and consumers to promote care coordination, interoperability, and disease management, highlighting the importance of using information systems to help promote wellness and improve outcomes.

Ms. Sayed-Friel is a leading advocate for the use of IT to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of healthcare. She has spearheaded both national and local efforts to promote the widespread adoption of EHRs, consulting with national leaders on issues ranging from standards development to successful adoption strategies and serving on the National Academy of Medicine workgroup for Genomics & EHR integration as well as bipartisan committees that guide the government in EHR regulations. Ms. Sayed-Friel earned a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University (class of 1980) and before coming to MEDITECH, worked at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston Massachusetts. She has been with MEDITECH for over 31 years and is widely respected for her expertise in the development and implementation of interoperable healthcare delivery systems.