Electronic Reporting: Quality Management Cycle Concepts that Achieve Reliable Results

When:  Aug 6, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CT)
Electronic quality reporting is the new backbone of quality improvement and an emerging cornerstone of health care reform efforts. Successful electronic quality reporting can be daunting in its complexity yet cyclical in nature. If a systematic approach is applied to each component, then re-addressed as changes are made in any portion of the program, a clear pathway to success can be achieved. This pathway requires three critical steps that will evolve into a predictive reproducible pattern key to quality cycle management.

1. Electronically capture the clinical documentation as required by the Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) specifications.

2. Conduct Nomenclature Mapping. This correlates the EHR’s human readable terms to universally approved codes.

3. Validate performance output for data completeness and accuracy. Gaps in data collection and nomenclature mapping can occur and it is the responsibility of the healthcare organization to ensure data integrity.

In this webinar we will describe these steps in detail, provide tracking tools, and share lessons learned from an organization that has been highly invested in this process. Participants will leave with new ideas and revived energy around the collection and submission of electronic Clinical Quality Measures.

Theresa Jasset MSM, BSN, RN, CNOR
Clinical Informaticist
Acmeware, Inc

Jodi Frei, PT, MSMITT
Director of Quality
Northwestern Medical Center