Bridging Technology and Quality: Culture Matters

When:  Nov 14, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (CT)
Technology is more and more a part of the lives of healthcare professionals and the patients we serve. It has great potential to improve patient safety, achieve high reliability, and optimize outcomes. It can draw patients in and engage them in their healthcare decisions. Why then is it still a source of frustration among physicians, nurses and clinicians? Why then do some Quality professionals distance themselves from the electronic medical record? It's time to look inward and study culture. It's time to embrace the interconnectedness and interdependencies of people, process and technology. Technology advances within Meditech have skyrocketed well beyond that of medication conflict checking. Advanced toolkits, MHealth App, Surveillance and Registries are a few examples of powerful tools that if implemented correctly and surrounded by an optimistic and willing culture, can strengthen our ability to achieve success in the current environment of healthcare reform. Join the discussion and gain new and thoughtful ideas regarding how technology may fit within your Quality & Safety Strategy.

1. To understand the ongoing evolution of technology in the realm of healthcare outcomes
2. To identify what technology can and cannot achieve
3. To more comfortably embed technology into Quality & Safety Strategy
4. To foster a culture that values technology as a key to success

Jodi Frei, PT, MSMIIT
Director of Quality
Northwestern Medical Center
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