Palo Pinto General Hospital - Post-Go Live MEDITECH v6.1 Update

When:  Sep 13, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (CT)

Location: Palo Pinto General Hospital, Mineral Wells, Texas

After more than 20 years on MEDITECH’s Magic platform, Palo Pinto General Hospital (PPGH) successfully implemented MEDITECH’s 6.15 environment across all clinical and financial areas, including Web Ambulatory in late 2017. 

This site visit will share highlights and successes in all areas of the MEDITECH 6.15 implementation journey. The event will detail the experiences with identified opportunities and realized operational outcomes in the financial, clinical, and ambulatory areas.

Celebrating 50 years of service to its community, PPGH is a 74-bed rural, stand-alone, acute care, PPS hospital that operates four Rural Health Clinics serving Palo Pinto County and contiguous counties with a service area population of more than 100,000.


10:00 am         Welcome from PPGH CEO/Organizational Vision/Highlights

  • Targeted Future State Vision/Goals
  • Highlights on Where We Are Today (hospital/ambulatory/community)
  • Key Success Factors
  • MEDITECH Video – Mobile Health Clinic

Operational Key Performance Outcomes Highlights 

  • Highlights - Key Performance Outcomes (Past vs. Current State) – Future Goals for:
    • Financial, Clinical, Physician & Ambulatory Areas

11:00  am        Financial/Clinical/Ambulatory Tracks

  • Overview of Goals/Objectives
  • Key Highlights – People Process Technology
  • Training Approach
  • Work Flow Enhancements
  • Leveraging of Technology
  • Key Learnings and Opportunities
  • What We Wish We Knew & Recommendations
  • Our Goals for the Near and Long Term Future
  • Q&A
  • Key Department(s) Walk-Thru

Physician Track

  • Physician Governance
  • Physician Engagement & Adoption
  • Build Approach
  • Training Approach
  • Ongoing Work Flow Improvements
  • Walk Thru – “Walking in the Physician’s Shoes”

12:00 pm         Lunch

1:00 pm           Our Journey - From Where We Were and Where We Are Today

  • Building a “Connect” Program Aligned with Leadership’s Vision & Goals
  • Insights on our journey scope/approach/ opportunities/risks
    • Project Governance Framework
    • Project Management & Staffing
    • Scope Achievement and Outcomes
    • Risk & Remediation
  • Lessons Learned – “What We Wished We Knew”
  • What’s Next

1:30 pm           BCA 

  • Overview of BCA
  • Current Dashboards being leveraged
  • Future Dashboards planned

2:00 pm           Networking and Q & A

3:00 pm           Closing


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