Product Showcase: “DOWN” no longer has to be a four letter word, with ContinuITy™ Downtime Portal

When:  Mar 31, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)
Ransomware, disaster, technical, or planned events that cause downtime can all take their toll on a facility and expose them to risk. Everyone would prefer their system experience be 100% uptime. The reality is that not only is downtime necessary for maintenance and security patching, but unexpected events happen that cause systems to go down.

To keep patients safe and medical facilities protected, preparation is the key to successfully overcoming such events. ContinuITy™ Downtime Portal is the answer to defeating downtime with ease and peace of mind. This revolutionary solution meets all downtime needs with an intuitive, secure, web-based product that mimics the EHR for increased adoption and ease of use.

Continuity™ Downtime Portal offers:
  • Intuitive web-based view of patient information that mimics the electronic health record
  • Easy adoption and clinician satisfaction based on recognizable views
  • Easy access to key clinical information
  • Integrated audit and security capabilities
  • Robust patient identification and search capabilities
  • Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy and Security Rule
This webinar demonstrates Continuity Downtime Portal in action and how to prepare for every downtime scenario.

Dan Collins

Dan has been at the forefront of EHR development and customer care for 25 years. Dan enjoyed a successful career at MEDITECH spanning two decades of leading customer implementation and service teams that supported all MEDITECH platforms. Dan is a technically skilled leader and software developer with a career dedicated to best practices, customer care, and maintaining positive long-term customer and partner relationships.