Product Showcase - MEDITECH + Olive: Improving Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

When:  Mar 15, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)

This webinar illustrates how AI is revolutionizing front and back-office tasks in healthcare in order to improve clinical outcomes. Topics explored include the history of AI, definitions of supporting technologies, an overview of AI today, and predictions for the future impact AI will have on healthcare. We discuss how Olive, CrossChx’s AI solution, was specifically designed to support one of the biggest pain points in healthcare—repetitive, high-volume tasks currently being performed by skilled employees. We explain the impact that Olive has made so far at two partner MEDITECH hospitals, and how their teams have realigned and refocused since her first day. 

Joel Chakra, Head of Marketing, is a veteran growth strategist who focuses on delivering a consistent message that educates and inspires audiences. Leading marketing, he combines passion and strategy to bring about revolutionary change in the healthcare industry and beyond. Prior to joining CrossChx, Joel helped companies scale and expand via web development in Beverly Hills, California, and worked as an independent consultant in Washington, D.C.

Jeremy Oseas is a change agent with a mission to fix what is broken, and build what does not exist. Jeremy joined CrossChx in early 2014, and currently serves as the Director of Product Implementation. In this role, he drives customer success to develop and implement Olive for healthcare organizations nationwide.