Director-at-large Nomination

Overview and Requirements for Position

Director-at-large, MUSE International Board of Directors

REPORTS TO: Chair, MUSE International Board of Directors

The Director-at-large for MUSE is a volunteer position elected by the MUSE International membership. The purpose of this position is to act as a voting member of the board with full authority and responsibility to aid in the development of the strategic direction, policies and procedures of the organization, monitor the organization’s financial health and participate in budget planning, while supporting the MUSE mission, vision and values.

The MUSE Director-at-large supports the MIB and any assigned sub-committees i.e. MUSE Membership, Education or other assigned committees as required.

  1. Become knowledgeable about the MUSE vision, mission and goals.
  2. Attend board meetings prepared and informed about issues on the agenda, i.e. stay informed about committee matters, review board minutes and other materials prior to board meetings.
  3. Contribute to meetings by expressing a point of view with the best interest of MUSE in mind. Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions, encourage and respect questions, discussions that help the board make decisions that benefit MUSE.
  4. Actively participate in the board’s annual evaluation and strategic planning efforts. Support the development of short and long range goals and objectives for MUSE ensuring that plans support the goals, policies and vision of MUSE.
  5. Direct/lead assigned committees by developing, coordinating and monitoring short and long term strategies for the assigned committees and is a voice of the MUSE mission and vision.
  6. May be asked to lead or support various projects or initiatives related to MUSE’s strategic goals providing recommendations for change and improvement.

  1. All MUSE volunteer and board positions require MUSE membership.
  2. This position is a 3 year commitment and requires written support from the MUSE member’s facility and supervisor.
  3. Maintain a minimum 80% attendance for MUSE meetings; MIB, sub-committee and ad-hoc committees.
  4. May chair, co-chair and/or sit as member of assigned MUSE sub-committees such as the Membership, Education, Commercial member committees, etc. or as assigned.
  5. Must attend the MUSE International Conference and make every attempt to attend MUSE Board in-person meetings as called by MUSE Chair.

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or combined level of experience and education to meet organizational requirement.
  • Minimum two years of active participation/service/volunteer experience with MUSE.
  • Experienced in leading and ensuring strategies meet an organization’s mission and vision.


Leads Self
Manages Self: Takes responsibility for own performance and health.
Demonstrates Character: Models qualities such as honesty, integrity, resilience and confidence.

Engages Others
Communicates Effectively: Listens well. Encourages open exchange of information and ideas using appropriate communication media.
Builds Effective Teams: Facilitates an environment of collaboration and cooperation to achieve results.

Achieves Results
Takes Action to Implement Decisions: Acts in a manner consistent with the organizational values to yield effective, efficient public-centered service. Demonstrates business acumen by efficiently and effectively identifying and managing human, capital, financial and information resources.

Develops Coalitions
Demonstrates a Commitment to Customers and Service: Facilitates collaboration, cooperation and coalitions among diverse groups and perspectives to improve service.

Systems Transformation
Champions and Orchestrates Change: Actively contributes to change processes that move the organization toward its mission and vision.