Membership Committee

MUSE Membership Committee Membership Agreement

The Membership Committee has these responsibilities:

  • To raise awareness regarding the value of MUSE with a full range of MEDITECH users and others who can benefit from MUSE and what MUSE can offer.
  • To support the MUSE Strategic Plan and acts upon initiatives coming from that plan.
  • To build positive, productive relationships and a presence for MUSE with organizations that can benefit from and/or support the MUSE mission.
  • To represent the MUSE members by advising the MUSE Board and other MUSE committees on actions supporting the membership.
  • To liaise with other MUSE committees to promote the membership and any initiatives supporting the membership.

The committee is chaired by a MUSE Board member and a number of volunteers from various MUSE member facilities.

Committee member pre-requisites:

  • Significant experience with the MEDITECH system(s).
  • Experience in peer networking in the MEDITECH/MUSE community.

Additionally, in determining the composition of the committee, consideration may also be given to volunteers’ areas of expertise, geographic location, and/or facility size and type.

A term on the Membership Committee is two years, with an option to reapply for one additional two-year term.

Responsibilities of a committee member:

  • Work to attain the membership goals.
  • Formalize the MUSE membership recruitment process.
  • Review the membership structure for possible modifications to promote, entice, and/or retain membership.
  • Participate in monthly/bi-monthly conference calls.
  • Attend the International MUSE conference and assist in areas as needed (ex. staffing the MUSE booth).
  • Continue supporting activities for the annual MUSE conference such as the MUSE Booth, volunteers, first-time attendee program, etc.

For fulfilling the above responsibilities, MUSE offers:

  • Complimentary registration to the annual MUSE conference and any other events where you participate/present.
  • Travel costs to the annual MUSE conference if pre-set committee goals are achieved.
  • The appreciation of your peers and recognition as a member of MUSE Membership leadership.

The Membership Committee Chair is responsible for ensuring that committee members’ responsibilities are met. In the event that the Chair identifies unmet expectations of a committee member, after discussion with the member, consequences may include withdrawal of offer for event expense reimbursement, withdrawal of a complimentary event registration, and/ or a request to resign from the committee.