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Working in tech marketing for almost 25 years, and specifically in health tech for the last 10 years, John has and continues to learn about the real issues faced by healthcare providers and is convinced that technology, when specified and implemented correctly, can be a ‘game changer’ in the delivery of patient care. At BridgeHead Software, John is working to disrupt the myopia around healthcare applications instead supporting the view that data (and not applications) is the strategic asset by which patient outcomes and experience can be improved. 

John caught the ‘technology bug’ after starting his career working for a marketing agency specialising in IT. Before joining BridgeHead Software, he held positions at Kerridge Commercial Systems, ADP Inc, Borland and Micro Focus. 

John lives in Berkshire in the UK with his wife and young daughter. He holds a degree in Law with Film & TV Studies, is passionate about film and music, and has been fascinated with martial arts from a young age.