About MUSE


A community of MEDITECH users and related professionals


The Medical Users Software Exchange (MUSE) is a community of MEDITECH users and related professionals who interact to learn and share their knowledge and experience. Through MUSE, members network, solve problems, identify best practices, and improve performance for their organizations.


MUSE will be the leading source of networking and education for professionals using the MEDITECH system.


In 1983, a small group of users met to discuss issues related to their MEDITECH healthcare information system. The meeting was productive and it was determined that the creation of a user group - and regular meetings - would be beneficial. So began the Medical Users Software Exchange, or MUSE.

Each spring, MUSE stages its annual International MUSE Conference, and throughout the year, numerous other educational events are held throughout the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. The success of the organization is due to the commitment of its volunteers. Over the years, hundreds of dedicated users have given their time to organize conferences, educate their peers, and ensure that their user group continues to grow and prosper.

With hundreds of hospitals worldwide, MUSE is certainly strong - and growing! Join MUSE to learn how you can be part of this exciting user group.

What MUSE Means to Me