Rules and Regulations

MUSE Commercial Member Rules and Regulations

The Commercial Member guidelines provide comprehensive policies and procedures to support consistent operations for all MUSE related vendor activity.

Download Commercial Member Rules and Regulations (PDF)

MUSE Priority Point System

MUSE appreciates the support provided by its community of Commercial Members. As such, MUSE has implemented a “points” strategy to recognize member companies for their loyalty and generosity. MUSE would not be a successful independent user group without the collaboration of its Commercial Members.

Download Priority Points Overview (PDF)

Exhibitor Guidelines for Community Peer Groups

Since space at Community Peer Group locations can be limited, the following guidelines help determine how space will be allocated.

Download Exhibitor Guidelines for Peer Groups (PDF)

IAEE Guidelines for Display

MUSE follows industry standards and best practices when it comes to exhibitor display.

Download IAEE Guidelines for Display PDF Version