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CloudWave provides multi-cloud solutions for healthcare. In addition to implementing private cloud, public cloud, and edge solutions consisting of on-premises hardware and software, CloudWave delivers technical consulting services, as well as hosting, disaster recovery, systems management, security, backup, and archiving services.

CloudWave architects healthcare IT solutions with the goal of operational sustainability. Our engineers and consultants have long-standing, successful track records designing and implementing solutions for hospitals.

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Cloud Computing
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Cloudwave's OpSus Backup Service

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CloudWave Operational Sustainability Datasheet

CloudWave Operational Sustainability Overview

Helping hospitals achieve Operational Sustainability.

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CloudWave OpSus Backup

CloudWave OpSus Backup Datasheet

Managed backup as a Service.

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OpSus Edge Datasheet

CloudWave OpSus Edge Datasheet

Bringing the Cloud to You.

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OpSus Live Datasheet

CloudWave OpSus Live Datasheet

Cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Healthcare.

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CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud Services are built for healthcare, with a suite of cloud-based solutions for hosting, disaster recovery, backup as a service, archiving, and security.