Keynote Day (October 29, 2020)

The MUSE Day of Keynotes!

The cancellation of the 2020 MUSE Inspire Conference in Washington, DC also suspended the opportunity to hear from our conference keynote speakers. Let’s “unsuspend” that opportunity!

Join us for a day of keynotes, from the typical conference Opening Session, to MEDITECH’s keynote presentation, to the “keynote’s keynote” (Ana Navarro) session. 

Plus, we can stage our Heart of MUSE initiative and you can help us raise funds for a worthy DC-based charity!

Keynote Recordings

Keynote Opening Session

An Opening Session

Join us for a fun review of 2020, the state of MUSE, and a guess at the future!


Inspired Innovation Meditech Keynote

Inspired Innovation – MEDITECH’s Keynote Session

See MEDITECH's current and future solutions that will make healthcare’s digital transformation smoother for your clinicians and your community..


Conversation with Ana Navarro

A Conversation with Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro is a well-known Republican strategist and a political analyst. She will discuss the latest hot button issues in politics.


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The Heart of MUSE

Heart of MUSE logoAs a volunteer-driven organization the members of MUSE believe it's important to leave a positive impact on others, and, as such, we share some of our good fortune by supporting a charity each year. This initiative is known as The Heart of MUSE.

With the pandemic, we were unable to stage the 2020 MUSE Inspire Conference. It was to be held in Washington, DC, where we would have highlighted and encouraged donations to a local charity as part of the Heart of MUSE campaign. But, we can stage such a campaign virtually – and still support a worthy DC-based charity: Capital Area Food Bank.

The Capital Area Food Bank is the anchor of the regional hunger relief infrastructure, providing more than 30 million meals to people in communities across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. They know that creating long term solutions to hunger requires more than meals. It requires education, training, and opportunity. In short, it demands ideas that address the big picture. That’s why they are approaching the problem in multiple ways: providing food for today, and addressing the root causes of hunger by partnering with organizations that provide critical services like job training programs and health care.
Visit Summit Healthcare to Donate to Capital Area Food Bank

Learn more about the Heart of MUSE history.

MUSE thanks Summit Healthcare for their continued generous sponsorship of this initiative.

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