MUSE Scholarship Program

MUSE Scholarship Program

The purpose of the MUSE Scholarship Program is to assist MUSE member professionals whose employing organizations cannot afford to cover the cost of attending MUSE events. These costs may include registration, accommodation, and/or travel expenses.


  • To assist members in reaching a higher level of performance by participating in MUSE events.
  • To assist member organization with professional development costs and contribute to their ability to provide quality continuing education to their employees.
  • To enhance the knowledge of members’ employees so that they in-turn will contribute to their organization and the profession as a whole.


  • The applicant’s employing organization must be financially unable to pay event expenses. Since we require no financial documentation, honesty is appreciated.
  • The applicant must be employed on a full-time basis at the member organization.
  • The applicant must be a current MUSE member and have held paid membership for at least one year, as of the date of the application.

Responsibilities of the Recipient: 

  • The scholarship recipient must attend the full event, on the date and location specified in their application, barring illness or unforeseen emergency. In case an applicant is unable to attend the specified program, he/she may re-apply at any time to attend a future event.
  • Subsequent to the event, the scholarship recipient must write an article outlining his/her experiences at the event.

Fine Print:

  • Scholarships are awarded at a maximum of one per organization, per event.
  • Scholarships will be awarded for those events on a space-available
  • Scholarship awards are not transferable to another individual.
  • Scholarship awards have no cash value.
  • MUSE has final authority for selection of the scholarship awards.


  • Airfare is limited to a return round-trip economy airfare costing no more than $500 US.
  • Accommodation for four nights is offered at the event venue. Only the room charge, resort fee, and room tax are covered.
  • Items not covered by the Scholarship Program:
    • Return travel between one’s home and the airport, or between the airport and hotel
    • Baggage or transportation fees
    • Hotel upgrades, incidentals (ex. room service), amenities, or additional nights
    • Food (outside of the meals provided at the event)
    • Personal items; Travel insurance; Medical insurance
    • Other items not outlined in the categories to be covered.