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MUSE Conference – Leadership Summit

May 15, 2022 

In conjunction with the 2022 MUSE Inspire Conference, executives are welcome to register for the Leadership Summit. This full-day event will offer insights to manage immediate issues, and help develop a roadmap for future initiatives.

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*Free for facility members registered for conference.  $100 for commercial members.

: Joel Benware, Chief Information Officer, Samaritan Health System, Watertown, New York

8:45 am
Clear and Present Danger – in the morning, we will have discussions on the current challenges health care organizations are facing and what some are doing to counterattack these issues ...
9:00 am

Staffing Issues
Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. It can occur when you experience long-term stress in your job. For a company to succeed, employers need to recognize and address burnout, and to develop strategies of employee retention to retain their best employees. What are those strategies?

Staff Recruitment
“Now Hiring” notes the sign outside every hospital. What do hospitals need? What do potential hires want? We discuss salary, benefits, bonuses, workload, recruitment tools, employer culture and branding, working remotely, and other creative ideas.

9:45 am

COVID Demands and Financial Impacts
The financial impact of COVID has been severe. It is projected that U.S. hospitals will lose an estimated $54 billion in net income in 2021, even accounting for federal relief funding. How are hospitals managing?

10:10 am Break
10:30 am

Supply Chain Issues
COVID has highlighted capacity and resilience weaknesses in healthcare supply chains – and it continues. How can you better manage forecasting, procurement, and delayed deliveries?

10:55 am

Cybersecurity incidents are a growing threat to hospitals. The healthcare industry has lagged behind other industries in protection. What are the strategies and investments necessary to safeguard your organization?

11:40 am

MUSE – State of the Union
Now in its 39th year, MUSE continues to offer pertinent networking and timely educational opportunities. Learn more about the vision of MUSE, and offer your suggestions to enhance the MUSE mission.

Noon Lunch
Back to the Future – in light of the current Clear and Present Danger challenges, learn how health care leaders can re-focus attention on developing a road map for the future to address these issues ...
1:00 pm

Patient Engagement and Empowerment
Engagement? Empowerment? Those are broad objectives. Let’s discuss the needs and practical solutions, including these topics: self-registering, self-scheduling, self-check-in, portals, health equity, and more.

Is virtual on-demand care real or hype? How do you address the barriers for telemedicine? Technology, reimbursement, regulations, and adoption can all be barriers to a successful telemedicine initiative. We discuss the issues and solutions.

2:00 pm

Community Integration and Referral Management
Referral management is managing the process by which patients are transitioned to the next step in their care. Learn the importance of community integration, relationships, accountability, and more to define a successful referral management strategy.

2:30 pm Break
2:50 pm

Bucket List
This panel discussion will focus on how organizations (both health care providers and vendors) plan, align and make decisions on what initiatives/investments make it on the fiscal year “bucket list” for approval and funding:

  • Identifying and aligning the organizational strategy, expectations, and business plan to IT priorities
  • Prioritizing initiatives and investments
  • Finalizing and funding the 1-3 year “Bucket List” plan


  • Mike Ward, Chief Information Officer, Anderson Health
  • Jennifer Sheils, VP, CIO, Horizon Health Network, Saint john, New Brunswick
  • Anne Marie Herrera, VP Solutions, Experis Health Solutions (ettain health)
  • Audrey Brislin, Vice President, Product & Marketing, Forward Advantage
3:35 pm



Panel participants:

  • Eric Gasser, VP and CIO, Wooster Community Hospital Health System, Wooster, Ohio
  • Melissa Hall, CIO, CalvertHealth Medical Center, Prince Frederick, Maryland
  • Sam Fielding, CIO, Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, Ontario
  • Jackie Rice, VP, CIO, Frederick Health, Frederick, Maryland
  • Bill Young, CIO Berkshire Health System, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • Jennifer Sheils, VP, CIO, Horizon Health Network, Saint john, New Brunswick
  • Brian Davis, CIO, Magnolia Regional Health Center, Corinth, Mississippi
  • Gerald Greeley, CIO, Lawrence General Hospital, Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Mike Ward, Chief Information Officer, Anderson Health, Maryville, Illinois



MEDITECH / MUSE CIO Executive Advisory Council

Facility member executives can participate in this informal Q&A meeting co-facilitated by Helen Waters, Executive Vice President & COO, and Leah Farina, Vice President of Client Services.


Helen Waters
Helen Waters
Leah Farina
Leah Farina


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