Inspire Conference Summits

Physician Summit

Thursday May 30, 9:15 am – 10:50 am

Explore the power of innovation at “The Generator” Physician Summit. This Summit will navigate new ideas, new technologies and new horizons.

Featured topics:  

  • Ambient speech technologies
  • Smart problem lists
  • Generative AI documentation
  • Smart(er) alerts (using AI?)
  • Enterprise communication challenges / solutions
  • Interoperability hurdles / success stories
  • Moving the EMR to mobile
  • AI clinical decision support, regulation / policy for new technologies


  • Priscilla A. Frase, MD, CMIO / Hospitalist, Ozarks Healthcare
  • William Gustin, MD, Director of Medical Informatics, Kingman Regional Medical Center
  • Bradley Moore, MD, Family Practitioner, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System
  • Andrew Burchett, MD, Medical Informatics, Marketing, MEDITECH

Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) Summit

Thursday May 30, 2:45 pm – 4:30 pm

Critical access hospitals have unique challenges and function differently than larger facilities. Join your peers at the CAH Summit so you can learn from each other, gain insights, and discover best practices to shape the future of critical access healthcare.

Featured topics:

  • Connecting with other CAHs
  • Reporting – What have you done /Inhouse/Outsourced
  • Special Indicators /Tools for Replacement of The Patient Banner
  • Expired Patient Routine
  • 2024 Reporting
  • Surveillance Tools
  • Quality Vantage/SQL 

Facilitator: Mallory Palmer 

Mallory Palmer is a Clinical Informatics Representative at Tri Valley Health System in Cambridge, Nebraska. Her scope of responsibilities includes (but is not limited to) MEDITECH 2.2 Application Management/Support, Promoting Interoperability Management/Review, Staff/Provider Education, and ongoing MEDITECH enhancements/updates. Cambridge is a 20-bed CAH hospital that is using MEDITECH's full EHR integrated suite.

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