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Interoperability – Can You Get There from Here?

HIMSS defines interoperability as the ability of different information systems, devices or applications to connect, in a coordinated manner, within and across organizational boundaries to access, exchange and cooperatively use data amongst stakeholders, with the goal of optimizing the health of individuals and populations.

Well, that sounds simple enough. Let’s get on with it!

Join us for the Leadership Summit, as part of the 2019 MUSE Inspire Conference.

Date: May 28, 2019

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Keynote presentation: The Future of Healthcare IT

Johm Halamka

Speaker:  John D. Halamka, MD

Executive Director, Beth Israel Lahey Healthcare Technology Exploration Center

John D. Halamka, M.D., leads innovation for Beth Israel Lahey Health. Previously, he served for over 20 years as the CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess System. He is chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), and a practicing emergency physician. He is also the International Healthcare Innovation professor at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Halamka completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University, where he received a degree in medical microbiology and a degree in public policy with a focus on technology issues. He entered medical school at the University of California, San Francisco and simultaneously pursued graduate work in bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley focusing on technology issues in medicine. He completed his residency at Harbor–UCLA Medical Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

As the leader for innovation at the $7 billion Beth Israel Lahey Health, he oversees digital health relationships with industry, academia, and government worldwide. As a Harvard professor, he has served the George W. Bush administration, the Obama administration, and national governments throughout the world planning their healthcare IT strategy. In his role at BIDMC, Dr. Halamka was responsible for all clinical, financial, administrative, and academic information technology, serving 3,000 doctors, 12,000 employees, and 1,000,000 patients.

Dr. Halamka has authored a dozen books on technology-related issues, hundreds of articles and thousands of posts on the popular Geekdoctor blog. He runs Unity Farm in Sherborn, MA and serves as caretaker for 50 animals, 30 acres of agricultural production, and a cidery/winery.


Demystifying APIs
Organizations: Cornerstone Advisors Group; Acmeware, Inc.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are nothing new to the technical world in general but they are “new” to EHRs and, somewhat, to healthcare organizations. In discussions with healthcare IT leaders in the MEDITECH space, several of them remain “fuzzy” on what APIs are and how they might get value out of them beyond checking a box for Promoting Interoperability.

This presentation will seek to demystify APIs and help the audience understand some of the key concepts that leaders should understand as well as equip them for thinking innovatively about what capability MEDITECH’s Restful API offers.

When complete, participants will:
  • Have a deeper understanding of what APIs are
  • Learn more about how APIs are used in their daily lives already
  • See some real-world demonstrations of APIs
  • Provide some real examples of how APIs such as MEDITECH’s Restful API could be used by healthcare organizations

Progress on RESTful API Implementations
Organizations: Cornerstone Advisors Group; Acmeware, Inc.

The process of implementing RESTful API Infrastructure is new to the MEDITECH EHR environment. While it is required to meet “Providing Patients Access to their Electronic Data” under Promoting Interoperability under the 2019 IPPS Final Rule, it is also the cause of much anxiety for healthcare Quality and IT departments. During this session, we will discuss what we have learned working with multiple facilities to assist and project manage the implementation of their RESTful API solution.

Topics covered will include:
  • Making the business case for implementing RESTful APIs
  • Evaluating current hardware, network, and facility readiness for RESTful API implementation
  • Coordinating and consulting on infrastructure set-up and configuration and ensuring compliance with the MEDITECH Installation Validation Guide
  • Our experience with accurately building the requisite Continuity of Care Document (CCD), sometimes refer to this as an “Enhanced CCD or “PI CCD
  • Lessons learned with the interpretation and implementation of the corresponding Best Practices published by MEDITECH
  • Understanding the configuration of the Discharge Summary which is included in the Stage 3 enhancements as a certification requirement
We will also briefly look at an opportunity to access a RESTful API solution that provides access to EHR data not currently available for third-party App development using the MEDITECH Greenfield testing ground.

Create, Share and Grow with MEDITECH Greenfield
Presenters: Larry O’Toole and Randy Hunsaker
Organizations: MEDITECH; Forward Advantage

Learn about MEDITECH Greenfield, our new app development environment supported by RESTful APIs. Attend this interactive session alongside early adopter Forward Advantage, to see how Greenfield will help cultivate user friendly innovations in healthcare.

Larry O’Toole is an Associate Vice President of Strategy at MEDITECH. His team is responsible for business development, product management, and interoperability, as well as government affairs. The mission of his division is to provide innovative industry leading solutions for their customers. Larry is an advocate and active supporter for national health information interoperability and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the CommonWell Health Alliance. Larry has a strong technical and business background earning advanced degrees that support his role. Larry proudly served in the United States Army & Army National Guard, where he was awarded the Army’s prestigious Meritorious Service Medal for outstanding military leadership. He is also active outside of MEDITECH, sitting on the board of a charity that fights Duschenne's Muscular Dystrophy and also lectures for MBA programs.

Randy Hunsaker serves as Forward Advantage’s CTO and is currently responsible for innovation and product management. For more than 25 years, Randy has led the creation of new products for Forward Advantage ranging from HIE solutions to authentication and security technology, and has participated in many industry and government workgroups and initiatives.