MUSE Leadership

The MUSE organization is supported and managed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

MUSE Board of Directors

The MUSE Board of Directors is responsible for the effective management of the organization, including financial and program strategies and policies.

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Commercial Member Committee

The Commercial Member Committee (CMC) is responsible for gathering feedback from the Commercial member community, and to provide proposals and information to the Board regarding changes in policies and procedures to promote the beneficial participation of exhibitors and attendees at all MUSE events, and other promotional opportunities through the MUSE organization.

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Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee raises awareness regarding the value of MUSE with a full range of MEDITECH users and others who can benefit from MUSE and what MUSE can offer. This includes building positive, productive relationships and a presence for MUSE with organizations that can benefit from and/or support the MUSE mission.

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Education Committee

The Education Committee identifies educational needs and delivery methods to support the MUSE mission. It recommends educational strategy, including delivery methods and content for MUSE events, webinars, and JAM sessions, and monitors topics of importance and interest from multiple sources and recommend them for inclusion in MUSE educational content.

In addition, the committee works to recruit, mentor, and develop Peer Group Leaders, assist in screening educational content submitted for MUSE events, and reviews event and/or program feedback in order to recommend improvements in content and delivery strategies.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for budgeting and the financial planning of the organization. This includes management of reporting, internal controls, and accountability policies.

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American Nurses Credentialing Center Provider Unit Committee

MUSE is an accredited organization under the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The ANCC PU Committee identifies identify opportunities to fulfill the mandate of an ANCC provider organization; applies for accreditation under the ANCC; and works to ensure the MUSE educational programming includes ANCC continuing education credits to both nurses and pharmacists.

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