Take Five Membership Drive

Did you know that many of your contacts at other hospitals may not be MUSE members?

Membership is key to the MUSE organization. More members produce more interaction, which generates more value, which results in more potential members eager to join MUSE – see the cycle?

It’s beneficial for all members to support the recruitment process.

Why recruit?

It takes only five minutes to have a conversation about MUSE with your peer. And, besides improving the interaction potential for MUSE, YOU WILL EARN $250 for each new Facility Member recruited!


There are thousands of other MEDITECH users who are in the trenches with you. There is someone (or many others) struggling too. The best way to learn is from others’ experiences. MUSE is the place where these interactions happen!

Membership Details

Learn more about membership benefits, levels, and costs on the Join MUSE page.

Download the MUSE Values brochure to help convince potential members of the value of MUSE!

Need support?

MUSE can offer support at any time to your recruitment process. Contact Michele Lambert, MUSE Member Relations Coordinator at michele@museweb.org for ideas.
Take Five Membership Drive


How do I recruit a new hospital?
The best way to do this is simply by asking your peers if they are MUSE members. If they are not, you can direct them to the MUSE Benefits page to outline the value of MUSE.

How do I inform MUSE about a new recruit?
Simply complete the form below!  If you have any questions, contact Michele Lambert, MUSE Member Relations Coordinator, at michele@museweb.org.

How do I get my $250?
Once the facility that you recruited joins MUSE, MUSE will mail to you a check for $250.

How many facilities can I recruit?
As many as you want! And you still earn $250 each time.

How do I know if a hospital is already a member?
Search the Facility Member Directory (visible to members when logged in).

Take five minutes to help us grow the MUSE membership!