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Inspire Online

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Date: December 3, 2020

MUSE is offering its first virtual Community Peer Group-hosted event, and everyone is invited to participate.

What are the issues keeping you up at night in this new virtual world? Join your MUSE Community for a day of discussion!

Topics are each led by a panel of experts:

  • Deploying a hybrid remote/on site workforce (remote workforce policies/procedures)
  • Maintaining team engagement while working remotely
  • Overcoming technical challenges of supporting a remote workforce
  • Implementing successful provider training using remote/virtual technologies
  • Rolling out Appropriate Use Criteria
  • Understating Price Transparency and Regulatory Reporting

Facilitated by:

Becky Blevins, PMP, RHIT, CTR
Information Services Systems Manager
Ephraim McDowell Health

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The MUSE Day of Keynotes!

The cancellation of the 2020 MUSE Inspire Conference in Washington, DC also suspended the opportunity to hear from our conference keynote speakers. So we “unsuspended” that opportunity!

An Opening Session

A fun review of 2020, the state of MUSE, and a guess at the future!

Inspired Innovation – MEDITECH’s Keynote Session

See MEDITECH's current and future solutions that will make healthcare’s digital transformation smoother for your clinicians and your community.

A Conversation with Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro is a well-known Republican strategist and a political analyst. She will discuss the latest hot button issues in politics.

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Your Big Chance to Learn Expanse

On August 25 - 27, MUSE offered an Inspire Online event that focused exclusively on Expanse – hospital implementation plans, lessons learned, success stories, and more! All sessions were recorded so you could learn about Expanse from your peers even if you weren't able to watch the sessions live.

6.x to Expanse: Lessons Learned
Expanse 2020: MEDITECH’s New Implementation
Maiden Voyage: The Expanse Journey for a Non-MEDITECH Hospital 
The Do's and Don'ts of Platform Migration
Into the Expanse
6.0 to Expanse Lessons Learned
MEDITECH Ambulatory Implementation: A View from the C-Suite
Problem List Engagement During an Expanse Implementation
Patient Engagement with Expanse

Latest COVID-19 Discussions

  • Good evening, are there any client/server sites that have implemented Pool testing for Covid-19 specimens? Thanks, Monique ------------------------------ Monique Quinton Applications Analyst Halton Healthcare Services Corporation Oakville ON 905-845-2571 ...

  • Hello, I would like to know if any hospital is using a waiting room notification system (queuing system) to notify the patients about a clinic's wait time or to notify the patient that a clinic is experiencing some delays via email/text message. ...

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  • COVID-19 CS modifier

    Would like to understand how other facilites are adding the CS modifier to their claims. ------------------------------ Angela Canady IT - Financial Systems Manager Sampson Regional Medical Center Clinton NC 910-590-8726 ---------------------------- ...

  • MEDITECH is seeking input from our customers on FEMA/NHSN reporting specifically for the Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity pathway defined under the COVID-19 module .  Are you currently reporting (or planning to report) this data through ...

  • While treating our COVID patients, we at times are placing our patients in a prone position.  The nurses are having to do skin checks when the patients are in this position, but the nurses have been writing this in a note.  We are looking to build skin ...

Recent MUSE Webinars

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    RPA (Robotics Processing Automation), the buzz over the last few years, has exploded into the healthcare market. What may not be well known is that this technology has been around for over 20 years but with a less sizzling nomenclature. In this session ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Traditional cybersecurity practices do not effectively address the complexities and challenges of securing medical devices and patients. The webinar will provide education and guidance on creating a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Learning objectives: ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Ana Navarro is a well-known Republican strategist and a political analyst for CNN, CNN en Español, ABC News, and Telemundo. She is also a political contributor on ABC’s The View. The Miami New Times named her a “Republican power-consultant,” and the ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    2020 has been a tumultuous year, but healthcare clinicians have remained focused on the most important part of their jobs: treating and caring for people. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a catalyst for change. Now more than ever we depend on technology ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Join us for a fun review of 2020, the state of MUSE, and a guess at the future! Presenters …  Alan Sherbinin MUSE CEO Alan has responsibilities for the strategic, operational, and financial aspects of the MUSE organization. He supervises ...

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  • Posted in: Event Archive

    The difficulty of sending orders from the Surgical / Endoscopy Suites and Ambulatory to the Pathology Department has for many years frustrated both the nursing and pathology staff. This was due to several factors: the lack of the interface between OM ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    It can be challenging to assure charges are properly captured during the continuum of care. Differences in approach and methods add to this challenge. In this presentation, we review several modules and processes within the MEDITECH system and methods ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Unique Device Identifier implementation is on the “to do” list of most SUR and ORM customers. This presentation will show how this project can be implemented efficiently, minimizing the number of clinical and IT resources and in far less time than previous ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Hospitals that are currently using or moving to MEDITECH Expanse have an opportunity to allow patients to see their clinical data on their iOS devices within Apple Health. This session will show how MEDITECH patient data can now be put in the hands of ...

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