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We have the whole kit and kaboodle!

On May 26th, MUSE hosted a day of webinars focused on the implementation and benefits of MEDITECH's toolkits.

Learn to resist antibiotic overuse with the Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit. Use the Expanse Patient Registries to manage hypertensive patients and learn how it aligns with the Hypertension Management Toolkit. Plus, improve care and reduce opioid utilization using the Opioid Toolkit.

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Can anything in 2020 be considered ‘best’?

We think so.

With the need for information and advice from peers, MUSE offered a timely slate of educational sessions across a range of MEDITECH related topics. Plus, the Community Forum was very active with suggestions, support, and useful samples to help improve every MEDITECH implementation.

Best Educational Webinars

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Recent MUSE Webinars and JAM Sessions

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    Presenters : Eric Carey and Michael Burke Organization : Valley Health System, Ridgewood, New Jersey Recorded: August 25 2020 The Valley Hospital, a 451-bed community hospital in northern New Jersey, upgraded to Expanse in 2019 after five years ...

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  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Against the backdrop of the national opioid crisis, Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, PA launched an opioid stewardship initiative that has improved care and reduced opioid utilization. During this session, we will hear from Dr. Upendra ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    With the implementation of MEDITECH Expanse Patient Registries, Major Health Partners (Shelbyville, IN) embarked on a journey to use that tool to manage patients with chronic disease. They began with a hypertension registry and were able to see great ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    During this session you will be introduced to the MEDITECH Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit and how it helps your organization align with CDC’s core elements for antimicrobial stewardship. Firelands Regional Health System will share their strategies ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Do you struggle with building MEDITECH OM rules? Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to use them to enhance your system? Come to understand where rules can be placed to create clinical decision support. Recognize implications behind rule categories ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    The re-introduction of MAR Rules in the 6.x platform was a welcomed addition. Join us for a look at how The Valley Hospital is using this functionality to improve Patient Medication Education, help improve staff awareness and education of the proper handling ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    Intended participants shall be beginner to intermediate level users and the course will include basic set-up of both LINE and NPR styles of writing rules. Advanced rules will also cover macro and NPR fragment calls to create pop-ups for end users. Covered ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    This session provides a basic overview of sex, gender, and sexual orientation through the use of key concepts and definitions. In addition, the barriers and impacts of sexual gender minorities are examined as well as the importance of inclusive language. ...

  • Posted in: Event Archive

    This presentation seeks to introduce the Paediatric Early Warning Systems (PEWS) developed in MEDITECH using native build tools. PEWS is used to predict and alert clinicians of potentially deteriorating paediatric patients. Thus, allowing earlier intervention ...

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