Facility and Associate Members

Membership Benefits

MUSE is the largest, independent MEDITECH user group in the world. It has hundreds of hospital member using the various platforms of MEDITECH.

Networking with peers and vendors to solve problems. Build relationships with your peers to solve challenges together. Gain access to consultants who are experts in the MEDITECH IT arena. Our active online forums are used to collaborate and network with other MEDITECH users. Ask questions, share ideas, and make invaluable connections.

Education, education, education! MUSE offers hundreds of educational opportunities with a variety of clinical, financial, administrative, and technical topics for both Magic, Client/Server, 6.x, Expanse environments.

Webinars are time-efficient, economical venues to attend an exciting MUSE educational session. Webinars allow people to share information without actually having to travel, thereby saving time and money.

The continuing education you need regardless of your profession. Programs with continuing education are offered via webinars and live events, so you can earn according to the method most convenient for you. MUSE offers continuing education for nursing, pharmacy, and HIMSS CAHIMS or CPHIMS certifications. (MUSE is accredited as a provider with distinction of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.)

Training. MUSE offers a wide range of seminars for the novice and expert. MUSE has a wealth of experienced users who can provide instructions in report writing, clinical, financial, technical, and administrative areas.

Searchable materials such as PowerPoints, templates, reports, and other documents so you can easily access answers to your questions.

Community Peer Groups are events offering unique opportunities for education and sharing with your peers. These events are staged in various locations helping to reduce your travel costs, and the affordable registration rates ease the pressure on your education budget.

Annual Inspire Conference. MUSE stages an annual conference that focuses on networking, education, and training. This cornerstone of the association remains popular, attracting hundreds of hospital users and exhibitors.

Professional growth through leadership opportunities, public speaking opportunities, exposure to other healthcare models, and different approaches to problem-solving.

What MUSE Means to Me

Membership Levels and Rates

Facility Membership Information

A hospital or health entity, using the MEDITECH system, may join MUSE as an organization. An unlimited number of users (who are employed by the organization) will enjoy all of the MUSE benefits and gain access. The annual membership fee is determined by the number of beds in the hospital. A 'bed' is defined as an acute care bed. Any other bed, such as rehab, extended care, long-term care, etc. can be counted at a 2 to 1 ratio - that is, these other beds are considered ½ of an acute care bed. This is for counting purposes only, not clinically speaking - we don't want to offend anyone!

To join the MUSE organization, simply click the "Join Now" button below and submit your payment.

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For more information, contact the MUSE toll free at 844-491-4703 ext 2 or via e-mail at info@museweb.org

Acute Care Beds Annual Membership Fee
1 - 50 $360
51 - 150 $940
151 - 500 $1,245
501 - 1,000 $1,540
1,001 - 2,000 $1,840
2,001+ $2,150

Associate Membership Information

The Associate membership is available to an individual who works at a MEDITECH facility.  An Associate member enjoys all the same benefits as Facility members. The annual fee is $300 USD.

For more information, contact the MUSE toll free at 844-491-4703 ext 2 or via e-mail at info@museweb.org

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