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MUSE – Call for Nomination

The MUSE organization is supported and managed by a dedicated group of volunteers. MUSE offers tremendous opportunities for professional and personal growth. Volunteering is rewarding.  A position on the MUSE Board of Directors is now available, and nominations are being solicited. Please remember that it is perfectly acceptable to nominate yourself - so don't be shy!

Position: Director-at-Large        (one position available)

Term:  Three years, beginning March 1, 2024

Duties:  As a member of the MUSE Board, the Director is responsible for the effective management of the organization, including financial and program strategies and policies. Working closely with the MUSE Chairperson and CEO, this challenging and rewarding volunteer position requires a significant commitment.

See the Director-at-Large job description


  • All MUSE volunteer and Board positions require an active MUSE membership.
  • This position is a three-year commitment and requires written support from the applicant’s supervisor.
  • Monthly one-hour conference calls with the Board of Directors
  • Monthly one-hour conference calls with a designated committee
  • Attendance at the annual MUSE Inspire Conference
  • Attendance at strategic planning meetings (ad hoc)
  • Maintain a minimum 80% attendance for all MUSE meetings.
  • Appropriate time to prepare for Board and committee conference calls

(Note that MUSE covers all costs related to travel for Board members.)

Application deadline:  Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 5:00 pm PST.

Only Facility and Associate members are eligible.

For further details regarding these positions, please contact the MUSE CEO at

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