MUSE Commercial Member Spotlight: PatientPath

By MUSE Staff posted 06-21-2021 10:46 AM

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MUSE Welcomes New Commercial Member: PatientPath


Optimize Your Patient Workflow


Through continual innovation and listening to customer needs, the company known as MEDICON Software, has grown their portfolio to provide an extended scope of products and services under an updated company name: PatientPath™.


The PatientPath suite of products increases revenue opportunities and protects against revenue leakage. Measurable value to your organization is the ability to:


Optimize your scheduling, preregistration and admissions workflows

Improve process efficiencies and increase patient throughput on day-of-service

Streamline the customer experience and reduce patient attrition

Provide a convenient check-in for visitors and maintain the safety of patients and staff


4 Modules - From Order to Discharge And Everything In-Between


t follows the patient through this entire process, going to work immediately to electronically manage and catalog faxed orders and prevent lost orders.


streamlines day-of-service flow, increasing the efficiency of multiple departments to improve patient satisfaction with reduced, or even zero time in registration.


ensures the ease and accuracy of performing today’s important check-in safety protocols such as COVID-19 screening.


takes security to the next level by monitoring watch lists for restricted visitors and cross-references with the U.S. Federal Criminal Database to ensure access security.


to learn more, then contact us so we can discuss how we can work with you to optimize your workflow with end-to-end Outpatient Tracking.


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For more information about the PatientPath portfolio of products or services, please contact us:

(386) 957-9500

MUSE International

Phone: 844.491.4703


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