MUSE Commercial Member Spotlight: Sensato

By MUSE Staff posted 06-21-2021 10:40 AM

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MUSE Welcomes New Commercial Member: Sensato


is a nationally recognized healthcare cybersecurity solution and service provider. Sensato's fully integrated cybersecurity platform and Security Operations Center help healthcare organizations comply, detect, and respond to cybersecurity risks and threats.


We believe effective cybersecurity is based on a holistic strategy. Our integrated platform provides a common operating picture to comply with best practices, detect all attacks, and respond quickly. This integrated approach offers the following benefits to hospitals.


• Implement a fully with a quick and virtual deployment

• 24x7 with a dedicated US-based team of cybersecurity experts

• Secure with a single solution for rapid deployment with guidance from Sensato experts

• Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with : penetration testing, tabletop simulations, threat detection, incident response, threat intelligence, and compliance management


Protecting patients' lives is the driving force behind Sensato, and we're proud to be part of the MUSE community that shares this mission.




Sensato is offering the course at a discounted rate to MUSE members for $295 (a $1200 value) for a limited time. Use code: MUSE when registering.


Contact Sensato at for more information.

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