Showcase: Introducing Focus from Access | A Shift to eSignature 3.0 & Patient Devices

When:  Feb 21, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)
As technology evolves so do patient expectations.

For 20+ years Access has led the way in MEDITECH integrated patient eSignature solutions, and we are proud to continue this leadership by introducing our reimagined eSignature solution; “Focus”. Focus represents a monumental shift towards extending eSignature capability directly the patient’s device providing the patient with a modern experience, improving pre-registration success, and saving the hospital money. Welcome to eSignature 3.0, and the new standard of MEDITECH integrated patient eSignature solution you and your patients deserve.

Webinar Outline:

Part 1 | Patient Experience - Convenience vs. Change Tolerance
  • Registration | One shot at a good first impression
  • How Consumer Experience Impacts Patient Expectations
  • Familiarity Under Duress
  • Understand & Use “The Goldilocks Principle”
Part 2 | eSignature 2.0 vs. 3.0
  • Patients Expect Convenient Mobile Experiences
  • eSignature 2.0 | The Current State
  • eSignature 3.0 | A Shift to the Patient Device
  • Lessons Learned from Billions of User Experiences | Introduction to Material Design by Google
Part 3 | A Demonstration of Focus
  • A Patient eSignature Experience
  • A look at Focus Design Studio
  • A look at IKE Workflow Studio
Part 4 | Q&A