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PatientKeeper’s EHR optimization software solutions streamline physician workflow, improve care team collaboration, and fill functional gaps in existing hospital EHR systems. With PatientKeeper as the “system of engagement” complementing and integrated with your hospital’s MEDITECH EHR (which remains the system of record), physicians can easily access and act on all their patient information from PCs, smartphones and tablets.

PatientKeeper’s newest EHR optimization offering is Clinical Communications Suite Now!, which enables care team members to securely communicate anytime, anywhere, through HIPAA- and PHIPA-compliant messaging with the complete patient record embedded. PatientKeeper is used by over 70,000 physicians across North America and the UK.

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Clinical Communications Overview

Clinical Communications Suite

Improve patient care and revenue cycle operations.

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Clinical Workflow Solution

Clinical Workflow Solution

Optimize Your EHR to Give Physicians a Superior Experience

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Clinical Collaboration

Improving Clinical Collaboration

Three Steps to Better Informed, More Efficient Patient Care.

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PatientKeeper’s newest EHR optimization offering is Clinical Communications Suite Now!